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Trainees from the Better Tourism Academy


We are the Better Tourism Academy and yearly prepare a new group of young tourism professionals to follow an internship at Tour-Operators and Destination Management Companies. The Better Tourism Academy started in September 2017 with the objective of offering traineeships to young professionals. As this is an initiative from Better Places and Rickshaw Travel the academy is especially focussed on partners from these companies.

We are striving for tourism to be an honest, transparent and sustainable industry where mutual benefit is the standard. We want the presence of tourism to be a positive one where locals gain from, and nature conservation to be a key factor.

We have now had two groups and successful traineeships with energetic, intelligent and passionate young professionals who want to make a significant contribution to achieving our vision and help improve your business. Supported by the knowledge of our experts during the traineeship in the Netherlands, the trainees will go abroad to practice their skills. The Better Tourism Academy prepares these young professionals by educating them on matters listed below, making them the ideal candidates for a local tour-operator looking for an intern. In 2019, we will also offer traineeships where we educate our trainees about the following subjects:


  • Creating Marketing Content: vlog, blog, PR 
  • Impact Measurement & Sustainable Certification Procedures
  • Client Communication and creating travel proposals
  • Product development and innovation
  • Online & Social Media Marketing
  • Effective leadership and personal development
  • Implementation of new software assistance


The Better Tourism Academy is perfect for any Destination Management Company that currently works with Rickshaw Travel or Better Places**, and is looking to strengthen their workforce by hiring a trainee. As a local tour-operator, it can be challenging reaching out to potential interns and young professionals. Especially for those that are considered to be located at ‘faraway’ destinations. At the Better Tourism Academy we recognise this problem and want to fill the gap between companies like yours, and eager young professionals looking for a start in the tourism industry.

** The Better Tourism Academy primarily works with current Rickshaw and Better Places partners. Not a partner but interested? Send an email to


Taking on board a trainee or intern has many advantages, and the Better Tourism Academy aims at maximising these benefits. Together with you, a clear profile of your ideal intern candidate will be drawn up so that we are sure of what your company needs. The Better Tourism Academy has connections with educational institutions and is able to get in contact with many higher level students and graduates. Through very detailed application procedures and interviews we ensure that the best possible match will be found. Your company will stay involved throughout these procedures to guarantee mutual satisfaction. Think about the following benefits when considering to offer a workplace:

  • You will receive a knowledgeable young-professional who is in the final year of studies or has recently graduated from a tourism (related) study
  • Hiring a graduate will offer you a new perspective on organizational issues and challenges
  • All trainees will follow an intensive traineeship in the Netherlands, focusing on subjects relevant to your operations. Read more.
  • You will be assisted in finding the perfect match: the selected person will have the qualities and personality that fits with your company
  • On average, one out of four trainees will stay for the long-term and fulfill a position at the company.


If you are looking for more information, get in touch!

Practical Info

Cost: The costs depend on the size of the company and varies between €500,- and €1500,- for selection, recruitment and training. A monthly salary of €225 – €550 per month.

Start of contracting: The trainee will be able to start working after the training in the Netherlands. Beginning of October.

Length of internship: 6-10 months

Conditions: Company offers Bachelor Degree level tasks, supervision at location, assistance with visa and accommodation, Skype interview, 4 hours per week for trainee to work on personal development/content creation




  • From the end of October until March (preferably), DMCs will send in a request to have a trainee from Better Tourism Academy. Note: later is possible, but will limit chances to get a qualified candidate. 
  • After initial request, a trainee profile will be created to match all your requirements.
  • In April/May/June potential candidates will be selected based on your preferred profile
  • During May interviews will take place.
  • In May/June, several candidates will be linked to your organisation (Skype meetings will find place between the candidates and your company)
  • By May/June/July a final trainee will be connected to your organisation and contract is signed; assistance will be provided by your organisation, concerning obtaining the visa and finding accommodation. 
  • The traineeship starts in September. The trainee will follow courses for 4-5 weeks prior to leaving for their new destination.

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or call us on +31 641852523