Trainee in Marokko

Deze blog is geschreven door trainee Dagmar van Maanen

Es salaam alaykum (try to pronounce it on the right way)!

The Traineeship and saying goodbyes..

My name is Dagmar and I am a 22-year-old girl from the Netherlands. I studied Tourism Management at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. For the next step in my career I started the Better Tourism Academy past September, together with 8 other very passionate and pleasant students. During the first month of the academy we weekly got three training sessions from professionals in the tourism sector. We learned about blogging, vlogging, client communication. After this very informative and productive month I moved Saturday October 6th to…… Agadir, Morocco! This was my very first time I moved to another country all by myself (the two other times I was with friends of my study), so it was a little exciting.

The night before my departure was the time to say goodbye to most of my dearest people. I organized a small goodbye party for my friends and family and we had a great time. The next morning, we headed early to Schiphol. Here I had to say goodbye to my family and boyfriend. My flight left at 16:00 sharp and I landed in Agadir around 19:00 (local time, with the summertime there is a one-hour difference with the Netherlands). After a long wait at the passport control I headed to my taxi who was arranged by Orion Trek. Without any cash, because I forgot to switch my Bank account to Worldwide, which caused an uncomfortable situation with the guy who insisted to take my suitcase, of course in exchange for money. I gave him a package of cards… and yes, I felt guilty.

My first nights in Morocco

he first three nights I slept in a hotel in the centre of Agadir, afterwards I moved to my apartment in an aparthotel. This is the safest way for me to live here. This all was arranged by Orion Trek. On Sunday I met with a colleague of mine. She showed and told me the most important things I needed to know about Agadir and the Moroccan life. Agadir is a city in the South of Morocco and lies at the foot of the Atlas Mountains next to the Atlantic Ocean. A nice extra for me is that Agadir counts 300 days of sun a year and is a good departure point to other places in Morocco.

The job!

On Monday I had my first day at work. I walked together with the colleague who I met on Sunday. At the office I met the rest of my colleagues. It was a really warm welcome! What was striking is that there are only two women working at the office of Orion Trek, the rest are men. I got my own desk in the room together with the owner. She is a very sweet and protective woman. I already have been invited to join the team during their trekking in the Atlas Mountains, and of course I could not say no.

To get to know more about Morocco I am doing some research about the most important cities and landmarks. From this research I make a travel description that will be sent to the tour operators. Since this week I am also busy with the Social Media of Orion Trek, this includes Instagram and Facebook. In a few weeks I will travel to some important cities of Morocco to create my own content. During the week, one of the guys of the team is heading out to get the lunch for the whole team. Since the first day I am joining the colleague who is in charge to get to know more of the colleague. All my colleagues speak proper English and during the lunch we talk a lot about the Moroccan live and traditions.

Besides work I am trying to build a normal social life. Making some friends in Morocco is a little hard because they are very family orientated and most of them don’t speak English (an extra motivation for me to learn better French). Luckily, I have met some people here with who I am spending some time with. At Saturday the 20th of October I celebrated my 22nd birthday wandering through the souq (market) of Agadir and in the English Pub here. The other weekend I was invited to my friend’s house to eat some homemade Couscous and drink some traditional mint tea together with her family. Also, the beach walk is one of my favourite activities here in Agadir.

As you can see on the picture I am a blond girl and it is true that you don’t see a lot of blond girls here. But it is totally safe, just ignore the guys that approach you. They are just not used to blonde girls here and no they don’t want to buy you in exchange for Camels 😉.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with Agadir and Orion Trek Voyages so far!