Start your career in tourism in Egypt, Madagascar or South Africa

In Africa we offer traineeships in Madagascar, Egypt and South Africa.


In Madagascar, you work as a trainee in a small organization, which was founded by a Belgian entrepreneur who has worked for years as a tour guide in Africa. In addition to organizing trips, the organization also has a property where you can stay, a beautiful location! The organization wants to work with a new software back office system and this will likely be your contribution. It is important to have some knowledge of this destination in order to make travel proposals and to be able to communicate well with customers. If you don’t have much knowledge on this destination, you will get the opportunity to get to learn about different locations in Madagascar. Preference is given to a German-speaking person who also speaks good English and French, as French is one of the official languages of Madagascar.


In Egypt, you work as a trainee in a small organization founded 16 years ago by an Egyptian and  Dutch couple. They have a small office where three people working in the tourist resort of Luxor. Throughout the country they have a number of coordinators. As a trainee your base is in Luxor, but you will visit other areas. You are able to visit several destinations and can also work temporary from other destinations, while speding some time there. You will work very independently and you will get a good experience in the work of an independent travel advisor, so if you are are interested in being self-employed in tourism, this is a perfect job for you. They are looking for a real go-getter and not hesitant in taking the initiative. In addition, you need to speak and write English very well. You will perform many different tasks in the field of tour operating. The traineeship will take approximately 7 months, from October to April (from May onwards it will be very warm and the tour season almost stops).

South Africa

Our partner for South Africa and Namibia is working from Cape Town. This organization has a lot of attention for sustainability. They offer customized trips as well as excursions. The organization organizes trips for Better Places and Fairaway. The trainee can therefore be Dutch as well as German-speaking. You work in a team of around 16-20 people. The team manager is Dutch and has a lot of travel experience. You will especially play an important role in communication with customers. In addition, you will also contribute to setting up travel proposals.