Start your career in tourism in Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Vietnam

In Asia we offer traineeships in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka en Vietnam.


In Nepal, the trainee will be working at a newly established organization, which is still very small. The organization was founded by a Belgian lady who has lost her heart to Nepal and also to her Nepalese husband. Together they started an organization to organize trips in Nepal. This company is growing so as a trainee you can contribute in a major way.  They like to work with a new software system for the office back-up. They also have ambition to certify the company with Travelife. You will have to be very independent during the traineeship and able to make a contribution in wide range of activities.


In Myanmar you work as trainee at a small scale organisation; in the office 12 local people are working. The majority of the team works for the beach resort, which is part of the same company. The company started with a beach resort and later they started the touroperator. During the traineeship you will mainly stay at the commercial capital of the country, Yangon, where the office is located. In a team of 5 people are developing and organising the travel programs in the Myanmar. They started to offer tours through the country only a few years ago and they are still growing. As a trainee you will do a lot of different tasks, including client communication. While you are the only Dutch person in the office, the team also likes to learn a lot from you, concerning client communication.   

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka the tourism organizations are overall much more large scale, compared to other countries. The organization you will be working for does not only offer tours, but also has several accommodations. They work for different markets and therefore offer different products and focus on several brands. As a trainee you will work also for the tours that are offered by Better Places, with a focus on the Dutch market. Especially concerning client communication they expect a contribution from you. You will work in a multi-cultural environment with people from different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, but also two Finnish persons are working in the office.  The office is located in the capital Colombo. The company prefers to have trainee who will be able to work for 10 months.



In Vietnam you will work as a trainee at a small scale organisation in Hanoi; about 15 Vietamese employees are working in the the office and on and off they had some Europeans working in the office. The organsation was established in 2001 by two Vietnamese tourism students  who loved adventure and entrepreneurship. The company is focussed on sustainable tourism and has received the Travelife certification. As a trainee you will do different tasks, including client communication. They are developing and organising tours for Better Places as well as for Fairaway in Germany. For this year they would prefer a German speaking trainee, who can focus on attracting the German market and client communication with Germans.