Start your career in tourism in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Thailand

In Asia we offer traineeships in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand.


In India, the trainee will be working at a private limited company that consists of 25 employees. The team is a mix of young and older people, male and female. The people working at the company are all Indians. So you will be in a real local team, whereby you will learn a lot about the Indian culture, which will be a great challenge! The office is located in the Tamil Nadu, which is in the south of India. The town is called Mahabalipuram; this is one of the nicer touristic towns in India. You will be placed in a stable and experienced team in which the employees are dedicated and driven to do well. Tasks you can expect are: working on improving the data in the operating system, operational tasks and contacting clients. They are expecting a trainee with a good knowledge of the English language and who is able to handle cultural differences and (of course) we like a trainee who would like to be in India. The traineeship will take place over a period of 6 months.


In Nepal you work as trainee at a small scale organization that only exists for a few years. The organization was started by a Belgium woman who fall in love with Nepal. Her Nepalese husband also has experience in tourism and together they are running the small company in Kaldhara, which is close to Thamel. The company employed 4 people of which there are 2 fulltime in the office.  They mainly work with European clients and offer tailor-made tours for individuals, families and small-groups. Personal service is extremely high, also when people have arrived in the country. The focus is mainly on trekking, combined with tours to visit local communities. They would like to have support from a trainee on different tasks: updating the Travelife certification, creating travel proposals in English, Dutch and preferably also in German, including new activities, visits etc in the digital system, creating marketing material, developing new tours and projects, whereby the focus on creating a positive impact on local communities and sustainability.  At the office there is a nice familial atmosphere. You will live without much Western luxury and things will not always go as you plan in advance. So it is a destination for a person who likes challenges and likes a bit of adventure! 


Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka the tourism organizations are overall much more large scale, compared to other countries. The organization you will be working for does not only offer tours, but also has several accommodations. They work for different markets and therefore offer different products and focus on several brands. As a trainee you will work also for the tours that are offered by Better Places, with a focus on the Dutch market. Especially concerning client communication they expect a contribution from you. You will work in a multi-cultural environment with people from different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, but also two Finnish persons are working in the office.  The office is located in the capital Colombo. The company prefers to have trainee who will be able to work for 10 months.



In Vietnam you will work as a trainee at a small scale organisation in Hanoi; about 15 Vietamese employees are working in the the office and on and off they had some Europeans working in the office. The organsation was established in 2001 by two Vietnamese tourism students  who loved adventure and entrepreneurship. The company is focussed on sustainable tourism and has received the Travelife certification. As a trainee you will do different tasks, including client communication. They are developing and organising tours for Better Places as well as for Fairaway in Germany. For this year they would prefer a German speaking trainee, who can focus on attracting the German market and client communication with Germans. 


In Thailand you work for an organization that has 25 years of experience offering travel through Thailand. They have an office in Bangkok and an office in Chiang Mai. In Bangkok in particular, you work in a team that also employs various Europeans. Regarding the activities you will be given various operational tasks; depending on your personal qualities and wishes you will be deployed on tasks that most closely match your talents. The organization organizes both the trips for Better Places and for Fairaway and for that reason both Dutch and German-speaking candidates can apply for a traineeship in this beautiful country.