Find a destination where you can develop yourself as a sustainability expert

Working in an International Environment

The Better Tourism Academy collaborates with various types of local small-sized companies (between 1 to 40 employees). Most companies have been launched by Dutch entrepreneurs. Usually local people work along, this also varies. All organizations abroad are Destination Management Companies. They organize trips in their country. This entails amongst others the following activities:

  • Travel itinerary proposals
  • Calculate prices
  • Make reservations (accommodation, transport, excursions)
  • Communication with customers before and during and after the journey

All organizations have a passion for sustainable tourism and offer responsible trips. Some already have gained their Travelife certification, others are still in that process.



In Latin-America we offer traineeships in Colombia, Suriname, Jamaica and Peru.


In  Africa we offer traineeships in Egypt, Madagascar en South Africa.


In Asia we offer traineeships in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.


In  Europe we offer only traineeships in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and Leiden.