Latin America

Start your career in tourism in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador or Suriname

In Latin America we offer traineeships in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador,

and Suriname.


The Brazilian local partner of Riksja is located at two different spots in Brazil. The headquarters is located in Recife and the other office is located in Rio de Janeiro. The trips from the Dutch market are organized by the office in Recife and the trainee will most likely be working from this office as well. The company organizes trips for groups, families and couples, but also for solo travelers with a variety of interests.

The company was founded in 1994 by a Brazilian and a Dutchman. The current team in Recife exists out of 23 employees of different nationalities. The team in Rio de Janeiro consists of 5 employees. Due to the fact that the main language is Portuguese, it is desirable that the trainee has some knowledge about the Portuguese language or speaks Spanish very well so that it is easier to learn Portuguese. The trainee should be willing to learn a new language. It is also possible to follow a Portuguese language course at the University of Pernambuco. As with many of the organizations, knowledge of the English language is desired as well. Besides that, some skills in technology is a plus. The trainee can help to create travel directions and digital maps. There is also a challenge in the field of sustainability that the trainee can take or other project-related tasks, such as developing and analyzing customer questionnaires. As a team member you will also contribute to operational tasks.



The trainee in Colombia will be working with an organization that was founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs. Tourism flow to Colombia has increased enormously in recent years. The company has two small offices including 13 staff. The international team in Bogota where you will be working, is consisting of eight people, including two Dutch persons. The organization organizes the trips for Better Places and Fairaway. The company will start working with a new software program and you will also be assisting in this. It helps the organiasation to develop iteneraries and make reservations. Besides this you will help them with product development and client communication. Both German and Dutch trainees are invited to apply for the position. They are looking for a trainee who is available for 10 months.


In Peru, the traineeship will be at an organization founded by a Dutchman quite a few years ago. The company has expanded quite a bit and consists of a team of around 15 people working from several locations in and outside Peru. As a trainee you will work primarily from Cusco in a multicultural team of Europeans and Peruvians. The organization would love to start measuring its impact on the destination and this is a task you will help with. Besides that you will communicate with potential customers, make travel proposals and perform marketing tasks. Knowledge of Spanish is important. Also, you are required to speak German. This DMC is a partner of Better Places, Fair Away and Better Places Travel.



In Nicaragua can do a lot at the Destination Management Company. The company was started by a Dutch man and has a very open company culture compared to other companies in Nicaragua. A lot of independency and entrepreneurship is required from the student. The working activities are very diverse: developing iteneraries and quotes, reservations, clientcommunication and a lot fo other duties. It is a beuatiful destination to stay for 6-10 months. The organisation in Nicaragua organises tours for Better Places as well as for Fairaway in Germany. Both German and Dutch speaking students can apply for this traineeship. 




The organization in Ecuador was founded by Dutch people and there is a multi-cultural team of different nationalities. They are located in Quito and from there they organize tours throughout the country. The people behind the travel organization are not only busy with organizing trips, but they are also very active on other fronts. They run a Spanish school, are involved in many different social projects and also organize voluntary work for young people in particular. They have good contacts with local families, where students can also stay and also with a student house. They will certainly help you find accommodation. The work will mostly be focused on operational tasks and you will also regularly write and translate texts. All information must be available in different languages ​​and regular support is required. In the period that many bookings flow in, you will also be used to handle bookings and, depending on your language skills, also in contact with customers. In Ecuador it is of course nice if you speak a bit of Spanish, but you could also learn that through their language school. In addition, it is especially important that you speak English well and also German or Dutch. They want someone who would like to stay for a longer period of time. Certainly you will have a great time in lively Quito!



In Suriname you will be working at a small-scale organisation, which is founded by Dutch people. You will be working in a small team in Paramaribo, where Dutch will be the spoken language, as this is also the main language of the country. The organisation is founded in 2008 and offers specialist tours, including tailor-made tours for individuals as well as group travel tours. As a trainee you will mainly work on developing travel proposals, writing texts, marketing activities and the organisation also likes your contribution in the general business processes. You will also work on daily operational tasks. The team consists of women, who have lost their heart to this magnificent country with a warm and enjoyable culture. The organisation is the first organisation in Suriname who has received the Travelife certificate.