Apply for the traineeship

Who can participate?

To participate in the traineeship program of the Better Tourism Academy, you must meet several conditions:

  • You’re in your final year of a tourism education program or communicaton/journalism studies or you have graduated not longer than 4 years ago in one of these studies.
  • You have knowledge and an interest in sustainability
  • You are willing to share your experiences with fellow trainees
  • You’re intelligent, ambitious, independent and proactive
  • You speak and write English well, in addition to Dutch or German. Spanish or French is a plus for some destinations.

Selection process

The next starting moment for the traineeship is in September 2020. The selection process for this moment will start from March 2020. This selection process exists of two stages: You will be accepted or not for the traineeship program and in the case of acceptance, you will proceed to the second stage. You will be employed by the local company at one of our destinations. We recommend to mention in your application a top three destinations (companies) where you would like to work as a trainee.  You can also express your interest in destinations that are not mentioned on the website of Better Tourism Academy, because we will create more opportunities als soon as we know your interest. Most trainees are placed for 10 months, but if you wish, please specify a preference in terms of months. We try to put everyone at the first preference, but sometimes that is not possible. The local company ultimately decides who will be the trainees they wish to work with. In case you would like to be informed about any news concerning the selection process, we recommend you to follow us on Facebook

Apply as soon as possible while all options are still open. In case you passed our deadline, we still recommend you to apply. In some destinations you can be adopted in a later stage but this depends on different factors like visa procedures etc.

Note: especially students who are still  busy with their graduation project are invited to apply for the traineeship. 

Below the steps of the selection procedure with the time schedule:

  • In March/April 2020 we will select potential candidates based on your résumé and motivation letter
  • In April/May the interviews take place
  • In May/June  the candidates will be linked to local organization (often a Skype meeting will take place with the candidate and local organisation)
  • In June/July we will finally decide with our participating companies who will be placed in the organization
  • In September the traineeship program starts. In the first month you’re still in the Netherlands for trainings to get ready and in October, you will go abroad to work with one of our participating companies.

So, are you in your graduation phase? Apply for this traineeship. If you are not sure whether you will graduate before the 1st of September, mention this in your application. This traineeship is a great way to develop as a tourism professional.


Costs and earnings

The traineeship offers you the opportunity to learn and gain experience as a base for your first job in the field of tourism.  It is an investment in yourself and your future which you will benefit from during and after the process. This investment is made by us and the participating companies. An investment of your side required too, e.g. by executing your assignments and tasks,  but also in the form of a financial contribution for your training in the Netherlands to cover necessary costs.


  • For the training in the Netherlands and supervision / guidance you pay as a trainee in 345 Euros. This is to cover part of the costs of the tourism professionals that will help you to be prepared before taking off. Included are 12 days of training sessions. 
  • During the months that you are employed by the organization you will receive a salary of about 300-550 Euros (variable because the standard of living varies by destination).
  • Costs for flight, accommodation, visas and the like are basically on their own account (in some cases the local organization pays part of the costs).


Sign up for the traineeship program

If you are interested, you can send in your (provisional) application:


  • Send your CV and motivation letter to
  • Please mention at least three destinations in which you are interested and express your preference (choose Netherlands or destination abroad).
  • Please mention your language proficiency and level
  • Please mention whether you are graduated or will before September 1st.
  • State any details or special wishes in case present