Your first step to a successful career in the tourism sector

General Information

In September 2018 a challenging traineeship program will start again; a program where you take the first step into the tourism field. You are trained in the operational duties of a tour operator and on top of that you contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

Better Places is an online platform that brings Dutch and German travelers in touch with local travel specialists. These local travel specialists are often based in a small local office at the destination. You will work as an intern at one of these partners. 

Riksja  Travel collaborates with local partnres to develop and organise the tours. The clients of Riksja Travel have personal contact with the travelspecialist in the office of Riksja Travel (based in Leiden). These travelspecialists and productmanagers are working in close collaboration withthe local partner organistaions where you will be working as an intern. 


As a trainee you will start your traineeship by following several trainings at the Better Tourism Travel Academy in the Netherlands, usually at the head office located in Leiden. In the first month you will receive training and you will be challenged with a number of tasks in preparation for the work with the tour operator abroad.

In your second month you will get started in the office of one of our local travel specialists in Africa, Asia or Latin America or Better Places or Riksja Travel in Leiden. You work approximately 6-10 months with the organization as an intern. To maximize the learning effect, you will be regularly in touch with other trainees and your Better Tourism coach while being abroad. As an intern, you will gain practical experience with the tour company and simultaneously learn about other travel agencies by sharing the experience with your fellow trainees.

Participating companies

In the year 2017-2018 all participating companies are partners of Better Places an Riksja Travel. These companies are located in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They are mostly small-scale businesses, most of which are created by a Dutch national who emigrated to the country. They all share a passion for travel and put their heart in responsible tourism and operating as sustainable as possible. In each destination the teams are different, mostly your team consists of several local employees and several foreign employees, most of them Dutch. However, this can vary per destination. For more information about the destinations and the participating companies, click here.


The work will differ slightly for each organization, but will largely consist of the following tasks:

  • Making offers and itineraries for customers (customized trips)
  • Contact customers, mostly by mail but also through skype/phone
  • Systematic processing information on the destination in a software program (like Travelspirit)
  • Assist in measuring the lasting impact of travel
  • Project lead or assist the process of Travelife certification

In addition, there will in any organization yet made any additional work. So you may be asked for example to receive Dutch customers visit a new destination / accommodation or perform jobs related to reservations.


Prior to working at the travel agency, the trainees will follow a number of joint training in preparation for their operational tasks in tourism. These trainings are given by professionals with a background in for instance tourism, marketing and communication. The courses and assignments cover amongst others the following topics:

  • Making travel proposals and itineraries
  • Communication with customers
  • Online marketing: Blogging
  • Sustainability & Certifications
  • WordPress, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Travel spirit – software package